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Our Team Is Our Greatest Asset (We are currently not hiring)

Current Available Positions at TankSilo Company

Join us: If you aspire to join an industry-leading team involved in tank and silo assembly and construction, we offer positions to experts of various levels. Our list of available positions, below, contains more information on the kinds of exceptional operators that we’re looking for.


• Bolted Tank and Silo Assembly Crew Member (currently not hiring)

• Tank and Silo Construction Site Supervisor (currently not hiring)

• Construction Site Helper (currently not hiring)

Health and Safety

We take the health and safety of our workers extremely seriously. Tank and silo assembly and installation is no simple task, so we insist that all precautions are followed to the letter to maintain a safe work site. All of our workers are fully insured, trained, and experienced health and safety-conscious operators who share our passion for compliance.

TankSilo site crews are not just experienced, skilled, and hard working – they are also extremely well qualified. The suite of relevant certifications that every operator possesses demonstrates their level of skill in the tank and silo assembly, installation, and construction processes. TankSilo maintains transparency throughout the project implementation process, so our certifications are always available to our clients. We’ve worked hard to attain these qualifications, so if you would like to view them then we would be more than happy to show them off!

The endless expertise of our professional team is a point of pride at TankSilo, but we cannot be static in this regard. That is why we constantly work on our knowledge and skills through training, new certifications, and development. The list of certifications below testifies to the fact that our workers are well trained, always improving, and at the cutting edge of industry protocols.

  • Certificates for Occupational Safety and Health
  • Certificates for High-scaler’s supervisor training
  • Certified lifting platform operators
  • Acquired competence to work as a load hanger
  • Certified to install scaffolds
  • Acquired competence to work as a forklift driver









TankSilo Process FAQ's

What are TankSilo’s priorities?

From an assembly perspective, we are tank and silo constructors that specialize in renewable energy plants, environmentally friendly tanks, agricultural silos, biogas tanks, drying silos, and storage tanks. We also design our assembly and construction processes with a conscious focus on sustainability, minimizing their environmental impact.

Does TankSilo provide an inspection service?

Put simply: yes. Once our technicians arrive at your site, they diagnose and solve issues immediately. Client relationships mean everything to us, so all of our services – from construction to renovation and inspection – are conducted with the end goal of client satisfaction at the forefront throughout.

Does TankSilo follow the International Organization for Standardization?

We continuously strive to improve our business processes, which is why we deploy ISO Certifications throughout our organization. This is dual purpose – both helping our business grow and ensuring that we fulfil the requirements of every client exactly as required. Additionally, our assembly teams work to exacting technical standards, ensuring that they are always able to guide clients through the assembly, construction, and installation processes.

What are the unique strengths of the TankSilo construction team?

Our distinctive blend of expertise, highly qualified specialists, and cutting-edge tools and technologies ensure that we offer the optimal solution for every client. The novelty of TankSilo, though, is that we’re capable of deploying these skills anywhere in the world due to our familiarity with the specific conditions and requirements of each country.

Does TankSilo conduct tests and provide guarantees?

Tank assembly requires precision and compliance with technological requirements to pass tests at 100% accuracy. We’re acutely aware of these requirements and the need to adhere to them exactly, which is why we insist that our construction processes stress quality throughout. In all the years since our formation, our solutions have never once failed a quality test, demonstrating that the standards we set are always upheld.