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Full Tank and Silo Assembly

With full tank assembly, TankSilo is responsible for the entire tank or silo assembly process. This is carried out from start to finish by our highly trained professional assembly team, guaranteeing that our emphasis on quality is maintained throughout.

Tank & Silo Erection Work

We erect tanks and silos using various lifting systems.

Tank Insulation Work

Solutions for conserving heat and cold, thermal and fire protection.

Accessory Assembly Work

Staircases, platforms, flanges, ladders, mixers and etc.

Why Choose us for Full Tank Assembly?

TankSilo’s 10 years of successful cooperation with GLS Tanks

One of the biggest bolted glass-lined still tank manufacturers in the world – has helped us to create and upgrade our collaborative environment, ensuring smooth communication at all levels: from TankSilo assembly teams to project management directors at GLS Tanks. TankSilo assemblers possess extensive experience of assembling silos around Europe from a range of different manufacturers, including: Previa, MySilo, Sukup, and Symaga.

Our narrow specialization allows us

To implement projects on the tightest schedules at the highest quality. Full assembly solutions permit us complete control over the speed, duration, and quality of our work, allowing our highly qualified specialists to ensure the precise installation of each component.

We guarantee that 100% of our tanks pass water and gas pressure tests

Our exceptional assembly teams ensure that every bolt is tightened, every panel inspected, and every detail taken care of. All assembly work is conducted in strict compliance with all technical and safety requirements, with a joint emphasis on safety and quality.

Management process:

  Time: We‘re able to accommodate even the tightest deadlines by deploying additional assembly operators to projects whenever they‘re required.

  Quality: We carry out full water and gas pressure tests and provide a dependable warranty as standard with every assembly.

  Finances: Working with us ensures that your budget stays put, as we provide highly competitive fixed-price quotes relative to the agreed scope of work.

Refurbishment, Replacement and Demolition Work

TankSilo not only assembles new tanks and silos, but also refurbishes and demolishes damaged existing projects.

Replacement of damaged panels, existing accessories, entire rings or roofs, etc.

Installation of flanges and other accessories according to the specifications.

Removal of existing mastic and application of new mastic throughout the existing tank.

Implementing water and gas pressure tests, using water or compressed air.

Why Choose Us for Repair?

  TankSilo has extensive experience in resolving issues related to damaged tanks. Together with our clients, we always find solutions to the problems posed by decaying projects.


  Sometimes, these solutions may be as simple as tightening up bolts to stop leakage; sometimes, more drastic solutions, such as complete demolition and replacement, may be called for.


   Our many years of experience enable us to always land on the right solution for your project and to successfully implement it so that the needs of your business are met.

Project Supervision

We strongly recommend that you select full assembly when you choose to work with us at TankSilo. As all of our workers are fully certified and highly trained professionals – they implement assembly solutions of the utmost quality in the shortest timescales by default. However, we anticipate that sometimes there is no other option but to hire a supervisor.


   Tank or silo erection with the aid of a supervisor involves us sending one or more assemblers to you. They will then supervise the erection of your project by teaching your assemblers on-site, emphasizing best practice and helping implement your solution.


   Please be aware that if your assembly team is not well-qualified or experienced, then this will have a direct influence on the time, safety, and quality of your project. This is why we strongly recommend that you consider full assembly by one of our professional TankSilo crews. They will save you valuable time whilst not compromising on either safety or quality.

Do you want additional information?
More about the tank and silo assembly services we offer, please feel free to get in touch with us today. Our team is available at all times and will help you out.

Highly Skilled Professionals

We have certified mounters to help us mount various silo supplements. These include mixers, conveyor systems, dryers and more.

Providing highest quality of tank construction, assembly and installation, our certified professionals, high quality tools, and constantly improving technologies ensure the best results/outcome.


Our quality assembly and construction of silos are the top reasons for our success. We continuously work on training our team members so we can offer you the best solutions. In our tank and silo service, we offer assembly, dismounting, insulation, accessories and equipment installation (mixers), repair service (renovation, dismounting, inspection, replacing parts) and supervision. Our tank assembly technology is high-quality and compliant with all standards.