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We’re proud to have been a part of projects of all shapes and sizes. The nature of our team and our resources make us capable of executing projects of any scope. This didn’t happen overnight: we’ve spent years refining our craft and expanding our business, developing skills and experience that allow us to fulfill any installation. Our project history highlights the diverse range of solutions that we can offer any client, and we relish any opportunity to add to it.

Accomplished Projects Worldwide

Our vision is to become a global leader in tank and silo assembly, and we are nearing that goal. As the map below indicates, we have completed projects around the world. Each of these projects is unique, ranging from agriculture to manufacture and a host of other industries.

Our Partners and Clients

An Obsession with Quality Since 2008

A brief look at our history shows how far we’ve come and what we have to offer. Our project portfolio testifies to the enduring emphasis on quality that has characterized TankSilo since our formation, and provides a look at how your project will be accomplished should you choose to work with us.

Current Projects

We are currently working on a raft of commercial and industrial projects around the world, and eagerly anticipate the expansion of our project scope in the future.

Future expansion

The variety of skills that are represented in our experienced team allow us to accept projects of any nature. Whatever the scope of the tank or silo solution that you require, we guarantee that we have someone with the skills to provide it.


The collaborative nature of our project implementation process ensures that, whatever the nature of your project, your needs are kept front and center throughout.

What Our Clients and Partners Say About Us:

Over the years, we’re proud to have collaborated with trusted partners and clients around the world.