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The TankSilo Vision

Our vision is simple: we aspire to have our tank and silo solutions improve manufacturing and agriculture for the better. These industries depend on functional, high-quality solutions that work in the present and that last into the future. The dependability of our projects enables businesses to grow, and we at TankSilo strive to grow alongside them. To enable us to achieve our vision, our team is comprised of only the most highly qualified, highly trained, and highly certified professionals. This obsession with the quality of our staff does not end when they enter the building, however. We train and develop our professionals throughout their careers with us to ensure their continuous improvement and the constant evolution of our service.

Gytis Kerušauskas
Founder & CEO

I’ve been part of the tank and silo industry since 2008. My first involvement was as an assistant, but as I gained experience I was quickly promoted and have since worked at all levels of the workforce – from assistant, to mounter, then team leader, and eventually supervisor. Finally, I found myself in charge of entire projects, which was when I set up TankSilo. Over the course of my career, I have worked in many countries and with a plethora of technologies. It’s always my pleasure to share this wealth of experience with new clients, and I look forward to finding solutions to each unique project.

Our Team Are
Our Greatest Asset

Attention To Details

Regardless of the size or scope of your project, we always employ our fastidious attention to detail and obsession with quality. From start to finish, each aspect of your project is handled by our experienced specialists, guaranteeing that each individual task has a highly trained professional responsible for it.

Quality in All Projects

Our assembly and installation team handle all aspects of every project in a decisive, professional, and highly effective manner.

Experienced Professionals

Each and every element of any industrial or commercial project that we’re part of involves the work of some of the most experienced and dedicated professionals in the industry.

Miroslav Verikovkij Project Manager

TankSilo is the result of a passion for offering the best tank and silo solutions on the market. We’re on our way to becoming global leaders in silo and tank assembly, construction, installation, and more.

Why Choose Us ?

The goal of our company is to ensure that your tank and silo solutions provide value to your business for many years to come. Our extensive history began with small projects, but as TankSilo has developed, so has the scale of our ambition. To date, we have worked on solutions of all shapes and sizes, and we are excited to see what kinds of projects the future holds.

Project Management

TankSilo offers professional expertise throughout the process, ensuring that you have all the tools you need to make the right decision. After you’ve instructed us, we follow your directions to the letter, executing an assembly that meets your specifications exactly. We guarantee that every client who employs our services leaves content with the quality of their solutions – that’s why they continue to choose us again.



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We Provide Solution

TankSilo offers tank and silo construction, assembly, installation, and more. Our experienced team members are masters at utilizing their specific strengths, ensuring that your project is completed the right way every time.

Additional Help and Support

Whatever stage of our service you’re at, you’ll have access to our industry-leading professionals. They will guide you through what needs to be done with their knowledge, advice, and decades of experience in assisting clients on projects of all types.